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Donation and Freemium Accounts

As you know, to keep this site running costs money as well as lots of working hours to: maintain the smooth access to the site, to develop new features, the support given to you, ...

Therefore, if you think the site is worth it why not give a compensation to the guys behind the curtains that make it possible for you to enjoy this site? You may do this through PayPal. You can

And recive a Freemium ACCOUNT with your donation

These accounts are a few accounts for people who donate to the game through the efforts of its maintenance and that present no advantages towards the resolution of the game or to win races or a championship.

He has heard people who think yse took what was believed more appropriate, it always rains please everyone, but I hope to the liking of most.

The Freemium account will be for a season for 3 €, or 20 cents per race, without doubt I believe that the most fair and best in online gaming, and more if we talk about racing. Habra payment gateways for all countries, and is already in each country 3 € are different, but when lso pay servers do not look to be Spain:). The money from donations to pay is exclusive fast servers and especially to motivate the work of improvements in the game, but as there will be greater.

Beforehand thank you all, and I hope you enjoy it.

For the time will have Freemium accounts:

• New statistic initially:
• Rating of best practice laps
• Classifying them for ranking points GPRO
• Classification of money after each race won
• And more statistics, to be implemented gradually by petition, as well as graphics.

• Possibility to offer a 3 drivers on the market
• Possibility to offer a 3 Heads of arrangements in the market
• New advanced search for drivers on the market by various characteristics of the pilot
• Set the name of a new driver with your name.
• Set the name of a chief mechanic at the existing
• Possibility of playing in the group you want in your category, provided that group has a free spot as in G4 or in any category, if a manager in that group that has not run a race or has 0 pts.
• You can add up to 100 friends in your friends.
• Additional 5M in one season (if the donation is € 3 or more)
• You can even have your own car model designed
• New page to select more proactive of any car
• You can select GPRO 2010 Livery Car
• A unique set of The Minidrivers with: (Here there will be a part of the donation to the artist that needs a new PC)
• Wallpapers of your car Scuderia particular style or "The Minidrivers"
• Icons for MSN and others
• Custom Avatar

.... And more things in list

I am developing some the can be implemented in the middle of the season:
• Private league of friends of 20 managers (I will explain this)
• Be able to save all data of a race, setups, etc and watch them whenever you want
• Access to all data from all seasons, full statistics, the most complete or total game.
• Viewing of race in text mode, for q not want graphics at work
• New flash viewing in career revolutionary.
• New page for viewing all circuits.
• And more I think vayais suggesting or when I can:)

Click in this buttom to do the donation by Paypal

or by Moneybrookers

Now too can by Bank Transfer to this account:

Customer: Sergi Sanchez Labrador
Bank: La Caixa
Account Number : 2100 4722 29 0200030931
Code IBAN: ES7421004722290200030931

When you make the transference put your full name and the group where you run.

!! Thanks !!

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