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Author Topic: CET - Time is wrong - DST - March 4 replies
  Andy Galica (G3e)
F1REM Pro-Licence
Posted on posted on 13/03/2018 15:48:10   Report to the moderator(s)

Apparently DST changes early in gpro land and not like the rest of CET on the 25th march 2018!

Is there any reason for this ?

  J H Jr (G4p)
F1REM Amateur-Licence
Posted on posted on 13/03/2018 16:18:55   Report to the moderator(s)

Happens twice a year, and has done since around 2013. This is apparently due to the servers being on US time, and the US daylight saving hours changing two weeks before Europe. We therefore have two weeks of the races being an hour earlier than usual, then it will go back to normal.
  Andy Galica (G3e)
F1REM Pro-Licence
Posted on posted on 13/03/2018 16:53:22   Report to the moderator(s)

Okay thanks Jon ,

So......I will make a note of this,

Daylight saving time 2018 in United States began at 02:00 on
Sunday, 11 March and ends at 02:00 on Sunday, 4 November
All times are in Eastern Time.
  Sergi Sanchez Jr
Global Moderator
F1REM Amateur-Licence

Posted on posted on 13/03/2018 19:58:49   Report to the moderator(s)

Dont worry, Europe and rest world have diffenten clock, but races will be at same time in Europe, after 25th March then change clock 1 hour more, stupid time change in a lot of countries, that dont save energy.

CE like dont change anymore next year, i hope will be reality and Spain change 1 hour more, because his real time will be same that UK, Franco changed it when 2nd World War, to be friend with Hitler.
  Martyn Norton (G1)
F1REM Master-Licence
Posted on posted on 16/03/2018 00:59:38   Report to the moderator(s)

Seem to have been caught out by there being a 2 hour difference rather that a 1 hr difference?
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