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Author Topic: Driver Attributes ! 8 replies
  Andy Galica (G1)
F1REM Pro-Licence
Posted on posted on 23/12/2016 16:02:15   Report to the moderator(s)


From the Game Rules..

7.1 Drivers, note

1. The driver will increase by 1 point in concentration every 5 races.
The driver will also increase 1 point in talent every 10 races,
and increase 1 point in experience after every race.
The moral will increase or decrease after a race,
depending on the performance of the driver during the race.

Well from my data this season 118 my driver started with con 182 and tal 181
and after 19 races he still had con 182 and tal 181.

There is obviously a bug here that needs fixing I am thinking, this bug also
totally ruined my plans for season 118 and as a result have to releagate to G2 !

Something the "new admin" to look at during the break perhaps :)

Merry Christmas.
  Martyn Norton (G2d)
F1REM Super-Licence
Posted on posted on 23/12/2016 21:17:55   Report to the moderator(s)

His overall value above 150, therefore no further increase in conc and tal, whether through training or from the automatic increase. So in G1 since the competitive drivers are all above 150 overall, you never get the automatic increases.
This has been the situation for as long as I can remember, but IT'S NOT IN THE RULES !!
  Andy Galica (G1)
F1REM Pro-Licence
Posted on posted on 23/12/2016 23:55:06   Report to the moderator(s)

Thanks Martyn, funny thing after I had posted , it dawned on me that this would have something to do with the 150 cut off point and as you confirm there is nothing in the rules to clarify this.

It would be nice if the "new admin" spent a few minutes updating the rules , perhaps while they are waiting for the Turkey to cook :)

  J H (G1)
F1REM Master-Licence
Posted on posted on 24/12/2016 00:13:12   Report to the moderator(s)

It appears that the "new admin" has inherited Sergi's approach to starting the season on the announced day...
  Nigel Beatosman (G2b)
F1REM Master-Licence
Posted on posted on 24/12/2016 10:37:24   Report to the moderator(s)

It's not in the rules... But it should be

When I came here I proposed to Sergi an up to date rules book translated in french, along with the spanish and english versions.

He kindly answered me he had no time at the moment, and was going to attend it later... He never did of course.

But you can find the 150pts cut off rule in the french part of the foreign forum, paragraph 7.1.1. XD

And I was not the only one to propose an up to date rule, I believe.

  Jasper Kossemans (G2a)
F1REM Junior-Licence
Posted on posted on 13/06/2017 00:08:30   Report to the moderator(s)

How much does it take to lower the driver's morale? I had a start crash today, and still the morale is 200. I'd like to train the driver a bit. :(

(also I found out the OA limit also applies to the gains from haven 200 XP. So are you saying that all the G1 drivers are what they are and can never be developed??)
  Martyn Norton (G2b)
F1REM Master-Licence
Posted on posted on 16/06/2017 21:47:37   Report to the moderator(s)

It saves you money from not having to train them!
  Jasper Kossemans (G2a)
F1REM Junior-Licence
Posted on posted on 19/06/2017 17:49:17   Report to the moderator(s)

It also keeps me stuck with the 14th best driver in my group because mine sits at 151 OA and others somehow are getting gains while I am not.

So I take it XP does go up even above 150 OA, and only Talent and Concentration stop growing.

Too bad I gave this driver 57 races of contracts.
  Martyn Norton (G2b)
F1REM Master-Licence
Posted on posted on 23/06/2017 12:24:28   Report to the moderator(s)

Yes XP if below 200 continues to go up until 200 reached, so OA will increase at every 4-5 races. If you had got a driver with XP of 143 when you got him so that had potential for a further increase of 57 to his XP then his OA would have gone up by 12 by the end of his contract just from increasing XP. That with a full increase on morale added in could give a potential OA of 157+.
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